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10 Genius Architecture Portfolio Websites For Your Inspiration

20 February

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An architecture portfolio website is vital in making or breaking your chances of landing the next job. The best architecture portfolio websites display the range of work by showcasing the variety of completed projects or renderings of future ideas. They also present their vision, philosophies, and profile in a versatile manner. According to the future goals they wish to accomplish. A well-built portfolio website is a vital tool for growing your business. Especially for up-and-coming architects. We pride ourselves on being a client-centric company with the goal of creating unique websites for our clients.

Whether you’re a student or an established architect, creating an online portfolio website is essential. A student architecture portfolio website can help you apply for higher studies, internships and jobs. Therefore, it’s crucial to have an online portfolio website that can display your skills without being distracting. That is why we have compiled a list of the top architecture portfolio websites for your inspiration. Giving detailed explanations on why they are at the top of our list.

Some Tips to Remember While Creating Your Architecture Portfolio Website:

1. Tell Your Story

Everyone appreciates a good backstory, and so will your clients. Provide a narrative for your clients by giving them insight into your thought process behind each project. Give brief details about each project. What hurdles you encountered, how you solved these problems, and why the results were most appropriate. Describe the effect these points had in shaping the finished project.

2. Keep it Short and Sweet

It’s essential to provide valuable information to your clients about what you do. This can often lead to people adding unnecessary details. Your first impression is the last, so avoid clutter and keep everything to the point. It will make your architecture portfolio website appear cleaner and more pleasing.

3. Use Only High-Resolution Images and Photos

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised to hear how many people skip this step. Think of it as an investment in your career. Keep your clients immersed in your portfolio. By providing original sketches, 3D renderings, and photos of the result. 

4. Manage Your Portfolio Well

Try to show the range of your work without being repetitive. Carefully curate your portfolio by picking your best projects and collaborations. Split your work into categories, making it easier for clients to navigate your website and find what they like.

Top 10 Best Architecture Portfolio Websites (Examples)

1. Ateliers Jean Nouvel


  Ateliers Jean Nouvel was found in  1994. Their website uses artistic images of their work to fascinate and grab visitors' attention. If you want to move forward with this approach. Including pictures of sketches, renderings, and other material might also be beneficial.

2. Douglas Cardinal Architect


Douglas Cardinal is a Canadian architect. The website design is one of a kind. It features a mesmerizing tag line on the home page and depicts one of his greatest works. The website consists of 6 pages and is designed in an old-school format. 


3. HK Associates Inc 

This website follows a minimalistic approach while conveying the necessary information. It cleverly uses the whitespace, which makes the overall website more pleasant to look at. Ensuring that visitors focus on the visuals without being distracted. This style is quite popular across all platforms nowadays.

4. Archi-Graphi


This website features a monochromatic background with intricate scrolling animations. Elaborate visuals are used to captivate users. All the pages are listed and written vertically, drawing the visitors’ attention. It is a simple but impressive detail that makes the website stand out. 



5. Homecult

Homecult features a complex yet simplistic design. They have used a project as the background and integrated a principle called “hygge”. Some of the main features of hygge are beauty, mind, and soul. Background images are used frequently amongst the best architecture portfolio websites.


6. BIG


BIG is another example of a perfect architecture portfolio website. The website features a minimalistic design. Another simple yet notable feature is the bouncy scrolling animation. It is a well-rounded website overall.



7. Oh Planning+Design, Architecture

This website appears more fun and attractive by using bright colours with a simplistic design. Scrolling animations are also employed while keeping the colour scheme in mind. The projects page is also at the front and easily accessible.


8. Fernando Daher Alvarenga


This portfolio website is built in a completely different style. The website focuses more on the architect than the projects and uses a self-branding strategy. It gives clients a more personal feeling while interacting with the website.


9. Andrew Bartle Architects

ABA uses a more modern approach while keeping everything simple. Innovative fonts, whitespace utilization, and sleek animations appeal to modern architecture lovers. The overall website resembles a glossy magazine cover.


10. J.Rameau


Vibrant colours and positivity are the first things that come to mind after clicking on this website. J. Rameau uses a holistic approach to architecture as their motto. The website features sketches, 3D renderings, and other visuals on a slideshow. Giving the visitors an urban vibe.


We hope these websites got your creative juices flowing. An architecture portfolio website will act as the foundation of your online presence. All architects know the foundation is an essential part of a building, so it must be strong. By carefully analysing your competitors. You can learn from their mistakes and capitalize on where you think they are lacking. This list was compiled for your inspiration. At the end of the day, you must make your own decisions to achieve results. Try to choose a website that contains a bit of you, don't just choose a bland template. Your website must reflect who you are, have fun with it! Reach out to us today at Yousee to make your website stand out.

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