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3D Walkthrough and Bird-eye Architectural Animation
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Bird-Eye and 3D Walkthrough Architectural Animation

14 July

3D walk-through animations are a fantastic way to show off your project and engage potential buyers. They allow you to get through all of the features in just seconds, rather than minutes or hours, with slideshows that can go on for days before they're finished.

The industry of 3D architectural animation is growing, and it's being used by advertising agencies, developers, construction companies, architects to enhance their projects.


Architectural animation is a creative way to get an idea of what your building would look like. It can be done in 3D using computer-aided design software such as Autodesk Maya and 3Ds Max, allowing you to see how things might turn out before they're built!

Architectural rendering offers only a single picture of the architecture model in 3D; on the other hand, architectural animation employs hundreds or even thousands of still photos to generate a movie effect comparable to an actual movie camera. Most architectural animations use PC-generated 3D visualizations of interiors, landscapes, and sometimes moving objects.


It is difficult for small CAD studios to provide architectural animation services. Creating the required number of individual still images and combining them into a moving sequence requires a highly skilled team and expensive and sophisticated software. As it turns out, an increasing number of architectural companies prefer to use animation in their marketing campaigns, which creates a need for high-end CG animation services.

Skyscraper night view


Architects choose animation to show their architectural ideas and designs for:

  • residential buildings
  • estates
  • apartments
  • commercial buildings
  • office spaces
  • digital studios
  • medical facilities
  • educational institutions.

Interior designers can use animation modeling to illustrate potential room designs, such as furniture, color combinations, lighting layouts, and so on.

Landscape designers can use 3D architecture services when working on outdoor landscapes such as amusement parks, garden houses, and sports stadiums. Using animation implementation can also help clients see the actual elevations and slopes of existing land parcels.


Architecture animations are an excellent way for architects, builders, and designers to show off their projects in the best light. They provide clients with detailed information about what they can expect when it comes time for construction or renovations on a property.

CG animation is the new way to make your building projects stand out. It will help attract more investors and consumers who might not otherwise imagine how a project would look, making it much easier for everyone involved!


It's always more interesting to predict what real estate will look like in the future. It's exciting to look at CG animations of cities of the future. What's even more impressive is that it turns out that this future is being constructed right around us!

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