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3D Exterior Rendering – Instill Life into Your Projects
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What Is 3D Exterior Rendering?

16 October 2020


Gone are the days when relying on drawings and sketches was enough for the architects to lure clients. Such 2D design rendering does not provide enough information to the clients, making it difficult for them to comprehend the final look of the project. They rely on the architect’s words and their own imagination, giving rise to plenty of communication problems.

The 3D architectural rendering of a building that is under the planning phase is known as 3D exterior rendering. It involves the application of three-dimensional imagery to create attractive exterior designs for commercial and residential buildings. The computer-generated 3D renders aid in the communication of the design to the stakeholders who struggle to understand the traditional drawings.

House in Palms Exterior Rendering

Residential Housing Rendering

Through 3D architectural exterior rendering, the architect’s vision is brought to life. Exterior house rendering allows the architect to create details that can be noticed by the client. The application of residential building rendering can be seen in individual houses, apartment buildings, mansions, and housing units. It also entices the details like walls, terraces, and boundary lines.

Commercial Building Rendering

When designing commercial buildings, the most important aspect is to understand the type of building. The commercial buildings' 3D models require more perfection as they contribute to the city’s skyline. When they are flawed, it can turn out to be a huge disaster. In a commercial building rendering, details like the tone of the building, the surroundings, and the outlook during daytime and nighttime are included.

Valuable Benefits for the Architect

1. Presents Multiple Design Options

Exterior house rendering allows you to showcase multiple design options. For example, you can provide different roof cladding materials options to the client to choose from. The CGI images enable the viewers to check different choices in photo-real quality so that they can make an informed decision.

2. Keeping All Stakeholders in the Loop

External design rendering is not just the work of an architect but also involves engineers, designers, and software professionals. All of them can work simultaneously on the same design and be a part of the progress together. Everyone who is a part of the project will have the same picture in their minds.

3. Perfect Marketing Strategy

Since it is a cut-throat industry, architectural design rendering will be your ticket to stay ahead of the competition. Your marketing strategy will reach a whole new level with 3D interior rendering services, with your clients viewing your talent and creativity. Drawings or verbal explanations cannot make your marketing game as strong as CGI does.

4. Rectify Design Flaws

With the help of architectural exterior rendering, you can identify the possible flaws in your design. It is your chance to make the changes and save time and money before the project hits the floor. The design plan can be tailor-made according to the likes and dislikes of the client.

Bird Eye View Exterior Rendering

The Bottom Line

3D architectural exterior rendering helps in developing a cordial relationship with the client as the project progresses. The 3D visuals can highlight even the minute details and convey the aesthetics of the project clearly. To have the project right in front of you visually before it has even started allows you to accommodate clients’ tastes and make the designing process easier for yourself.

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