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Top 8 Interior Design Magazine Subscriptions

9 January

Interior design magazines are your best guide to making your home nicer. They give you unique design ideas and offer the best tips. You can combine magazines with 3D visualizations from Yousee. But there are so many interior design magazines. Literally hundreds. Which one should you choose? We've done the hard work for you. We've made a list of the eight best magazines for you. 

Why should I subscribe to interior design magazines?
New ideas, styles, and trends pop up in the interior design world. It can get hard to keep track of changing trends on your own. The best way to stay in the loop is to subscribe to a magazine.

They release new issues monthly. Specifically, you should read the top interior design print magazines. You can see the details in the printed versions better than in the online ones. 

You might find a new design in a magazine that you fall in love with. A print magazine also supports the designers who worked hard on their projects. 

 Top 8 Interior Design Magazines

Every interior design magazine offers unique ideas.  But we've found the following 8 to be the best overall. 

1. Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest publishes monthly on affluent homes. Their readership includes serious homeowners and top designers. Their magazine teaches how prominent personalities decorate their spaces. 

Architecture's Digest has a modern feel. And it allows average readers to gaze into professional ideas. Speaking of cost, they're very affordable. The printed copy costs $25 annually. You even get a free tote bag and the Celebrity Homes special edition. There's even a two-year deal for $45. 


2. Veranda

Veranda focuses on the Southern United States. They focus on decor ideas for the beautiful southern United States. Their content is formal, elegant, and practical. Veranda teaches how anyone can make their home feel lavish and grand. 

Veranda provides quality content, so they charge a quality price. You can get a single issue for $9.99. They publish six times a year. So you can get every issue for under $60 annually. 



3.  Traditional Home

The name says it all. Traditional Homes is for fans of historic homes and traditional decor. Traditional Homes shows you traditional decor aesthetics. They show you how things used to be. They even teach you how to balance the historic and the modern in your home. 

Their content includes classic color schemes, furniture styles, and window treatments. Currently, they publish four times a year. And you can get an annual subscription for just $20 annually. 



4. Romantic Homes 

Romantic Homes was intended to bring out the poet in all of us. This magazine shows artistic depictions of historical homes. Picture cottage-style decor. Their audience is people who want a romantic and homey look in their homes. 

Romantic Homes publishes a new issue every month that costs $5 each. You can get an annual subscription to Romantic Homes for $60 annually. 



5.  Country Living

As you'd expect, Country living is all about the country decor. This magazine displays comfortable homes with cozy fireplaces. They're great for people who fancy the rustic pragmatism of country life. 

Country living publishes a new issue every other month. And you get all six issues delivered to your doorstep for just $12 annually. 



6.  Elle Décor 

Elle Décor is a modern magazine with a luxurious french taste. This magazine is about what's hot and new in interior design. They offer practical space planning for average homeowners. You could say they like to balance pomp with practicality. 

Elle Décor publishes eight copies annually that you can get for just $10. They also have a $12 deal that includes a year of House Beautiful, too. You can opt for a two-year subscription for just $18. It comes with two years of House Beautiful. 


7.  House Beautiful 

House Beautiful is one of the oldest interior design magazines. They provide classic and modern decor ideas for bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. They provide practical advice, product reviews, and remodeling tips. 

You can get all 12 monthly published issues for only $10 annually. They're also available in a one-year $12 and two-year $18 bundle with Elle Décor.



8. Better Homes & Gardens 

Better Homes & Gardens balances practical home advice with gardening decor. Their target audience is the average homeowner. Their goal is to provide them with practical home decor and renovation tips. They even publish seasonally-focused decor magazines. 

Better Homes & Gardens has 12 monthly issues for $5/each or $24 annually. They have decor and outdoor furniture options. Consumers highly rate their products. 




Wrapping everything up interior design magazines are your best source of interior design. Rustic country escapes to a sleek modern design, these 8 magazines have them all.  

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