Augmented Reality (AR)

Walk in the room that does not exist yet? Dive into the future with our AR technologies for houses and apartments.

AR for Houses

See how your future house fits the environment even before construction started.
Estimate the architectural solutions. Switch materials to choose the best option. Walk inside to feel the atmosphere. 

AR for Apartments

You don't need to wait long to see the future apartment: with new technologies, you can enjoy look&feel having only the property walls. Stroll through the rooms, discover small details, make the right furniture choice.


You see Workflow

Drag sliders to see After and Before images

Draft in White 1Draft in White 1_2

Draft in White 1 | step 1

After received project materials, we produce the first draft of the house (or apartment) in white, without material application.

Draft in White 2Draft in White 2_2

Draft in White 2 | step 2

At this stage you can make up to three rounds of structural amendments.

Draft with Materials 1Draft with Materials 1_2

Draft with Materials 1 | step 3

We produce the image with a material application for your review.
You can make up to three rounds of amendments here. Also, it is possible to add supplementary materials to see them in reality with our mobile app.

Draft with Materials 2Draft with Materials 2_2

Draft with Materials 2 | step 4

We are ready to proceed once you are satisfied with the result.

Final AppFinal App_2

Final App | step 5

We build your property in the augmented reality app, that you can download in Apple AppStore and/or Google Play. The app may also be uploaded directly on your device.

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