Discover the new way to present your floor plans. We specify the materials, location of the furniture, and all the details in a photorealistic CGI to make the upper-level client presentations.


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One Room Floor PlanOne Room 3D Grey Floor Plan

DRAFT 1 | step 1

Please provide us with the plan of the premises for visualization. The first draft will be in white, without texture application.

One Room 3D Floor PlanOne Room 3D Floor Plan

DRAFT 2 | step 2

On this stage, you can add/remove the elements, turn the camera. Here you decide whether you prefer day or night view. If you would like to have both, we will charge an additional USD 150 per image in Standard option and USD 300 in Advanced.
After all amendments are implemented, we are applying the materials and colors.

One Room 3D Floor PlanOne Room 3D Floor Plan


We are asking for your comments on the colors and materials. Once amended, the Standard option image is ready!

One Room 3D Floor PlanOne Room 3D Floor Plan


Feel the difference between the Standard and the Advanced option by scrolling the runner.

YOU SEE price

3D Standard

  • 10-25 working hours
  • less than 100 sqm*
  • basic textures
  • standard furniture 
  • limited decor elements
  • basic technical elements (only switches, skirting, radiators)
  • possible visual effects
  • maximum final image size HD 1080 (1920*1080)
  • any additional image within the scene** of  is charged extra USD 100
  • additional day/night view is charged USD 100/image
  • any additional image of the axonometry/ perspective view is charged USD 100

USD 210 | per plan

3D Advanced

  • 25-40 working hours
  • 100-200 sqm*
  • custom modelled textures
  • custom modelled furniture
  • unlimited amount of decor elements
  • all technical elements needed
  • visual effects (reflections, sun rays etc)
  • maximum final image size 4k (3840*2650)
  • any additional image within the scene** is charged extra USD 140
  • additional day/night view is charged USD 210/image
  • any additional image of the axonometry/perspective view is charged USD 210

USD 350 | per plan

If your project exceeds the indicated indexes, we will prepare you a special estimate. Please address to

* this parameter has an estimate value

** scene includes all the modelled elements within the set angle of view

*** without VAT

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