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For architects & interior designers

3D Architectural Rendering and Visualization

Express your concept clearly and make a photorealistic presentation of your ideas the part of your professional language

YouSee is a 3D visualization studio.

Performing our services 100% remotely, we search for the best ways to visualize architectural and design pieces of art to make them best-sellers.

Invest your time

  • Reduce the number of changes in your project by making all remodellings on the earliest stages
  • Guarantee the client’s satisfaction and enhance your mutual understanding
  • Save time on agreeing both with the customer and the construction team

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Invest your time wisely

Stand out among your competitors  

  • Create an eye-catching portfolio
  • Have a great chance to pitch and win a contest
  • Get outstanding visualizations and use them in your marketing

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Stand out among your  competitors

Easily choose the best suit for your project 

  • Choose real colours, materials and textures that suit best your project
  • Approve the look and style of the building easily
  • Provide different options for your client's choice

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Easily choose the best suit for your projectEasily choose the best suit for your project_2

Your projects deserve to be shown in a particular way. The way that leads to the clients' admiration and colleagues' applause. 3D architectural rendering services can help you with that!

3D Exterior Rendering 

Your project is unique and deserves a particular way to be presented. Residential houses, commercial facilities, cultural buildings - we are always here to create a photorealistic visualization that your clients will love.

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3D Exterior Rendering

Street view

It is essential to create a unique building. However, it is also necessary to see how it incorporates in the environment and collaborates with the neighbourhood.
With street view renderings, you will see the whole picture. Clearly and inspiring. 

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Street view rendering

Aerial Visualization

Architecture, landscape, urban territory - whatever the challenging project you face, we are your supporting 3D visualization team. 

We provide not only a human-eye, but also aerial or bird-eye visualizations.

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Aerial Visualization

Concept Visualization

Perfection is not only in details but in the way you present your thoughts. Bright or straightforward, schematic or geometric, with or without environment - conceptual visualization focuses on the ideas.

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Concept Model

3D Interior Rendering

Whether you are working on the interior of a house, hotel, office or restaurant, present the room's indoor atmosphere and communicate your concept clearly. 3d rendering for inteiror designers is the best option for you.


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3D Interior Rendering

3D Floor Plans 

Discover the new way to present your floor plans.
3D floor plans have a more substantial visual appeal of colour, materials, and design than a 2D floor plan, as they provide a much more realistic sense of the space and function. Now available with landscape architecture rendering.

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3D Floor Plans

Architectural Walkthrough 

Immerse yourself in the project to feel it from inside.
Whether it is an interior or an exterior walkthrough, let your clients dive into the creative depth of your ideas. 


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It doesn't have to be hard

Just 4 steps to get your perfect CGI:

Setting up
Prepare as much information as you can: everything that gives the idea of your project is appreciated.
We provide the preliminary images for your review, amend the renders upon your feedback to perform the most satisfying result.
Before we start the post-production phase, we send you the final images for confirmation and minor updates.
Getting result
That was quite easy, wasn't it? Here are the great photorealistic images for your presentations, website and marketing.

Why clients choose us

Free Changes
Creating 3D rendering for architects and designers, we don’t charge for minor changes like texture or colour adjustments. We are here to archive the result that will make you happy.

Fast and easy
We respect your time and do not bother you with extra questions and information. Just send us the details of your project and tell us what you want. That’s it. Fewer words, more results.

Based on your project, we will propose the best way to get the perfect result. Just provide us any materials that you have.

Our price policy is absolutely clear: you can choose between several options. 

Why clients choose us

Let's discuss your project

Feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to guide you through your journey of 3D visualization!


Where is your company located?

Our back office is located in London, United Kingdom. However, we perform our services remotely worldwide. Our online support works 24/7: you can call your manager or leave a message in a chat at any time. Also, we are always available by e-mail, online conference systems and social media.

What files do I need to get 3D rendering?

We can work based on any information that you have. Share with us the details of your project:

- CAD plans - as much as you are ready to share
- Sketches, reference images, models, Revit files - as much as you have
- Schedule, budget, the number of images you need - as much as you already know
- Desired rendering location, colours, finishes - as much as you previously thought about.

However, there is no need to wait for a fully developed project. No worry if you do not have any of the mentioned above. Our experience allows us to guide you to the perfect CGI from any point of the project development stage.

I have a model in Revit/ArchiCad. Can you produce visualizations based on it?

Yes, we produce 3d rendering based on the Revit or ArchiCad files. Moreover, the price will be lower than the general one: click on our website calculator's special button to get a discount.

Do you provide previews for feedback?

Yes. We always provide previews for feedback. We know that making decisions is more comfortable seeing a rendering, so we consider it part of the process. For this purpose, we prepare low-resolution images without post-production. Once everything is approved, we perform the high-resolution image and the post-production features. To get more information about the workflow: https://yousee.studio/services/exterior-rendering/#workflow

How long do you require to produce a final render?

Usually, we perform the first draft within 72 hours. The steps that follow depend on the speed of decision-making and the quantity of the amendments. It normally takes from 1 to 3 weeks to produce the final 3D renderings.
However, if you need a tighter deadline, please do not hesitate to check our availability.

Do you provide discounts?

Yes. We provide discounts based on the number of renders per project. If you are working in Revit/ArchiCad and already have a model, the price will be lower. We are always open to discuss long-term partnership opportunities.

What payment type do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:
- Bank Card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
- Bank transfer

We start working upon 50% of the advance payment receipt.

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