3D Exterior Rendering

Architecture, landscape, urban territory - whatever the challenging project you face, we are your supporting exterior 3D visualization team. Express yourself in designs, and we will show it to the world.

The best option if your project is a single-family house that also requires modelling of the surrounding landscape or small parts of the neighbouring buildings.

Several houses with surrounding landscape, roads, cars and people. The easiest way to show how the buildings co-exist in the neighbourhood.

Show as many houses as you want. Streets, territory landscape, private gardens - you get the whole picture at a glance.

Sometimes it is essential to show the idea without discussing too many details. Architectural concept rendering is an easy way of such a presentation.


You see Workflow

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DRAFT in WHITE 1 | step 1

3d exterior rendering services are based on your documents. We produce the first draft of the image in white, without material application. You can change the angle view at this stage, move the camera closer/farther, choose between day and night. Also, you can send us the surroundings to insert the model in.

We perform the same workflow for Street View and Aerial.


DRAFT in WHITE 2 | step 2

You can comment on the camera angle, landscape, architectural details.
If you are not sure about the viewpoint, we can produce several images for your choice.
We stay at this stage until we get the angle that makes you happy.

DRAFT with MaterialsDRAFT with Materials_2

DRAFT with Materials | step 3

After the minor updates of the angle and details, we produce the image with materials and landscape for your review.
You can make up to three rounds of amendments.


FINAL IMAGE | step 4

The deliverable of this stage is the final image of 3d architectural exterior rendering.
However, you still can comment on the landscape, colours (RAL palette), materials.


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Street view + Exterior

Aerial + Exterior

Aerial + Street View

Let others see your idea

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What is 3d exterior rendering?

Exterior rendering is the process of creating three-dimensional visuals showing the exterior design of architectural projects to be built. It is done by 3D artists using computer software. Exterior rendering can show the architecture itself as well as the buildings’ surroundings in photorealistic quality. It is widely used by architects and real estate professionals in presentations and marketing materials.

What are the types of exterior rendering?

Exterior rendering can be residential and commercial, street view, and aerial view. Exterior rendering has no limits when it comes to its format. It can be a static image, animation, AR, or VR tour.

What is the cost of exterior rendering?

The cost of exterior rendering depends on different variables such as the area sqm or the sourcing files the client provides. On average, 3D exterior visualization of a house will cost $550-800. To get a proper estimate of your project, please use the calculator on our website.

How long does exterior rendering take?

It takes 72 hours for the first draft to be created and 1-3 weeks on average to produce the final 3D rendering. This time, however, can be expended depending on the complexity of the project, initial files available, and how fast the client makes the amendments.

How to order exterior rendering services?

To order an exterior rendering service please contact us via email or online chat and send your project details, such as drawings, CAD files, 3D models along with your schedule, budget, and the number of images you need.  No worry if you do not have any of the mentioned above. Our experience allows us to start at any point of the project and provide high-quality 3D visualizations in the shortest time possible! 

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