CLIENT Embello PROJECT TYPE Virtual Showroom 3D Architectural Rendering DESIGNER Brandon Architects

3D Architectural Rendering of the Virtual Showhouse designed by Brandon Architects

3D Architectural Rendering of the Virtual Showhouse designed by Brandon Architects

This project is part of a large virtual showhouse created together with national media partner Martha Stewart Living and Embello influencer marketing agency. The first-ever showhouse brought together 20 renowned designers, and each designer was responsible for their part of the house. Our job as a 3D visualization studio was to get each designer’s vision to life and create a virtual showhouse highlighting sponsors' products.  

Brandon Architects got the most important task — creating the face of the house and its architecture.

Phase #1: Source materials provided by the architect

The first step was to get the project materials from the architect. The objective was to create a realistic 3D model based on these blueprints — so accurate that one can easily imagine themselves living in it. Brandon Architects provided our team with floorplans and material renders for work.


Phase #2: 3D Architectural Rendering

In the second phase, we created 3D architectural renderings and animation of the entire house. Our team used 3Ds Max to produce high-quality visuals in order to provide a realistic view of the house. Next, we added some final touches to the 3D architectural renderings — including reflections, shadows, and textures. 

Phase #3: Virtual Showroom

The next phase of the project was to create a virtual showroom. We produced an interactive experience for visitors — where they can view the house from different angles, explore each room and even take a virtual tour. With high-quality materials and lighting, our team created a virtual version of the house that is just as beautiful as the original could be.

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Phase #4: Animation

The fourth and final phase of the project was to create animation, making the house more dynamic and interactive. This gave viewers a better nderstanding of how the house would look and feel in real life.

This project succeeded in bringing the beauty of this home to life through 3D technology. We are proud to have been part of such an exciting project and hope that it will inspire viewers to bring their own vision to life.  

This project is just one example of how 3D architectural rendering can be used to create immersive experiences that allow viewers to explore a space in ways they could never do before. We look forward to creating more stunning projects in the future, and helping our clients bring their ideas to life.