Yousee Ltd hereinafter referred to as the "Company" by this publication of the offer Agreement, expresses its intention to conclude a contract for the provision of 3D visualization services with any interested individuals or legal entities (hereinafter referred to as the "Client") on the terms set out in this offer Agreement, estimate and the invoice for services.

The moment of full and unconditional acceptance of the Company's offer to conclude a contract (i.e., acceptance of the offer) is considered to be the payment for services on the Company's account.

By paying for the Company's services, the Client confirms that they have read and agreed to all the terms of this offer Agreement, including the appendices to the Agreement, which are an integral part of it.


1.1. "3D visualization" - a photorealistic image of the Client's project according to a previously prepared Visualization Task, created using specialized computer programs.

1.2. "Visualization Task" - a source document for the development of 3D visualizations in the form of a brief describing all the Client's requirements for 3D visualization.

1.3. "Source material" - visual materials necessary for visualization, including two-dimensional projections of the project (scans and layouts), a list and description of the materials used, sketches, and examples of images directly or indirectly employed in creating 3D visualizations.

1.4. "Adjustments" - making changes or additions to the result of 3D visualization that are not related to the Company's errors. The type of adjustments is limited at each stage:

  • The first set of adjustments is allowed after the first preliminary 3D visualization. It refers to the viewpoint, camera angle, the number of details and pieces of furniture (according to the selected price option)
  • The second set of adjustments is made after the second draft is received. It is still possible to remove and add elements, choosing them from the library on the Basic and Standard price option level or sending to the Company the reference image for tailor-made modeling on the Advanced price option level
  • The third set of adjustments is made after receiving the first color image (third workflow draft) with a demonstration of the materials used. At this stage, the Client can make adjustments for colors (according to the RAL palette) and materials (by sending the reference images).
  • The fourth set of adjustments is available to the Clients who have ordered Standard and Advanced price options levels and applies to the amendment of the used decor details.
  • The fifth, final, set of adjustments is available to the Clients who have ordered Advanced price option level and is applicable to the used visual effects
  • Adjustments can be made after receiving the final image at any time for an additional fee and after paying the –°ompany's additional invoice.

1.5. "Website" - the Company website with a domain name where the current version of this offer Agreement is published together with information about the Company's prices, contacts, and other information about the Company and its services.


2.1. The Company undertakes to create a 3D visualization on the Client's Visualization Task, and the Client undertakes to accept the services provided and pay for them.

2.2. The Client's Visualization Task is an integral part of this Agreement. It contains the source material and reflects all the Client's wishes for the design and results of 3D visualization.

2.3. Based on the Visualization Task, the Company prepares and sends an estimate and invoice to the Client. The estimate reflects the cost of services, stages, and timing of visualization. Payment of the invoice means acceptance of the terms of this Offer Agreement and the estimate.


3.1. The cost of the Company's services is indicated in Euros. It is determined based on the Company's current price rates, taking into account the volume of services provided and other Client' wishes.

3.2. The Company's services are subject to VAT in accordance with UK law.