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What Is the Difference between Lifestyle and White Backgrounds?

8 February 2022

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The two most typical types of product rendering are white-background pictures and lifestyle images, also known as room sets. Both are utilized at roughly the same rate and generally show an item similarly. However, should you pick a specific type of picture from 3D product rendering companies? Today we'll go over the facts so you can make an informed decision.

We'll give a comprehensive description of the two most prevalent product rendering types and evaluate them on several topics: where they're employed, how they're utilized, what kind of plain color background and lifestyle pictures are available, and how they may alter product marketing.

Product renderings with a white background

White background images are still prevalent in advertisements, catalogs, and other presentation materials, although they are as old as product marketing itself. It is critical to include these photos on eCommerce platforms such as Amazon.

3D product renderings and white background photographs have a basic goal: to exhibit the products and indicate what they may be used for.

3D modeling enables companies to develop products and test the market much faster than traditional prototyping frameworks. Because there is no need to create a real thing and begin selling early to evaluate the market and target audience, it's easier for businesses to use 3D modeling.

Product Renderings in Interior 

A lifestyle image is a picture that has been specifically prepared for and placed in a specific scenario. This is a fantastic way to add visual storytelling to advertisements. This is why businesses prefer this sort of product renderings for marketing, especially when they order from outside 3D furniture modeling studios. However, utilizing them for demonstrating goods alone would be excessive, considering that one 3DS Max room set takes about a day to complete and is more expensive than simply creating an item. The major advantage of 3D-generated lifestyles is that they may show things in any location without the need for a physical item or a real scenario, which saves money and time.

Marble shelf in the bathroom

White background images are required by big online stores, but potential customers may be interested in learning how a product might benefit them, which is why businesses must offer roomsets in addition to product demonstration pictures. Context is incredibly crucial when it comes to product renderings, such as an armchair. An armchair, for example, has no meaning without the surrounding environment. If consumers see lifestyle images while browsing eCommerce platforms, they will have a higher opinion of the companies' goods.

Overall, white background product renderings and CGI lifestyles can be exact in their application and execution. Businesses can utilize both in their marketing efforts - white background pictures for a demo on eCommerce sites and roomsets for more detailed client-oriented advertisements, while catalogs may show all of the alternatives in simple scales.

If you need to acquire both types of photographs in a short amount of time – we will be happy to create photorealistic CGI images of your products that will wow potential consumers!

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Ray Lisbon is a content writer and the author of this article.

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