Elevate Your Real Estate Advertising Campaign with Creative CGI Ideas

The world of real estate has evolved tremendously. As a realtor, you must adapt and use new technologies to your advantage. Especially when it comes to creating a real estate advertising campaign.

As you can imagine, there's an unlimited amount of tools, resources, and pro tips. You can use it to make sure your real estate advertising campaign is successful.

However, it's more important than ever to provide incredible visuals because people are now using the internet to find properties. You must appeal to them to get the sales.

That's where real estate CGI comes in because it allows you to harvest the power of images and take full advantage of it. This will enable you to convert prospects into buyers, which is why today, we bring you some of the best ideas you can use.

With the help of 3D architectural visualization, you can obtain different kinds of stunning visual content that you can use in your real estate advertising campaign.

Let's discuss the different CGI types available and how you can use them on your real estate advertising campaign without further ado!

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6 CGI Ideas to Elevate a Real Estate Advertising Campaign

CGI offers many opportunities to make your real estate advertising campaign engaging, compelling, and convincing, so your job as a realtor becomes a bit easier. Here are some of the most effective ways to use real estate CGI technology:

1. Use CGI to Show What a Property Under Construction Will Look Like

One of the most significant benefits of using real estate CGI is that it can launch an advertising campaign even if the building is still in construction. With 3D rendering, you can produce photorealistic visualizations that wouldn't be possible with any other means. The images will be photorealistic and accurate because the artist you work with will use architectural drawings and BMI files to create the visual representations.

Additionally, these 3D representations of the property can even convey the mood by creating atmospheric lighting and detailed surroundings. With visualizations of this kind, prospects will be able to imagine themselves in the property.

At the end of the day, you're not selling a property but a lifestyle. Using CGI will allow you to give prospects a glimpse of that lifestyle, and the possibilities are endless. You can create a wide variety of unique settings for each of your listings.

This way, each real estate advertising campaign will be different and successful. Provide your prospects with an idyllic glimpse of the life they can have in the property and inspire them, so they are more likely to move on with the purchase without hesitation.

2. Take Advantage of Virtual Property Staging

Whenever you are trying to sell a property that's still being built, unfurnished, or in need of renovation, you can use virtual property staging to present the property as it should be.

With photos of the property on sale, 3D artists can add furnishings in any desired style. They will make virtual copies of the property photos and then add furnishings or do virtual renovations where fresh finishes are added, and imperfections are removed.

Once the CGI images are done, you can use them to visualize the full potential of your listings. "They may not look like much right now, but here's what you can expect."

In your real estate advertising campaign, you can use the actual photos of the property and put them next to the 3D renders to make an impact. Prospects will feel a lot more confident because the 3D renders will show them the property's potential if they work on it a little.

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3. Create Walkthroughs of the Properties

Video walkthroughs of properties will allow you to spruce up your ads and listings. Video has been the most dominating visual content on websites and social media because people prefer them to read or look at still images. Videos make more of an impact, and they are more engaging.

Now, what if the property you're trying to sell is not ready yet? You won't be able to shoot a walkthrough video, but you can create one with the power of 3D animation. This digital walkthrough can be used in ads, real estate listings, and social media posts.

Your prospects will be fully immersed, and they will get a clear idea of the potential of the listing. Walkthrough videos are short, so prospects will be able to watch a bunch of them in very little time as they browse for properties.

This kind of content will allow them to make a decision a lot faster because it will require less effort to decide if the property is worth it or not. If you only use pictures, it limits their vision of what the property could be. Video walkthroughs provide a lot of detail and information quickly and effectively.

4. Create Virtual Tours of the Properties

Virtual tours of properties are another way to spruce up a real estate advertising campaign. Suppose you have properties that will be built soon. In that case, virtual tours will allow you to paint a picture that's informative, interactive, and easy to navigate.

Prospects can take 3D property tours on any device, inspect every part of the house, and take as much time as they need. They will be able to move around with navigation buttons. You can add information buttons that will provide descriptions of the items used for the interior design.

Virtual tours provide a ton of information and detail, not to mention they make the realtor look professional and more trustworthy in the client's eyes. They are a valuable tool, especially in the world's current situation where restrictions and lockdowns are still in place.

5. Provide 2D/3D Floorplans

2D/3D floorplans can be included in your real estate advertising campaign. However, they don't do much on their own, so you best pair them with virtual tours, 3D renders, walkthroughs, etc. Floorplans provide a better understanding of the dimensions of the space, and it allows prospects to envision the furniture layout they can have.

2D floorplans can do the trick, but the option of 3D floorplans is exciting because it provides a more realistic vision of the property. However, both kinds of floorplans can have a considerable impact. They will be very informative, so you should consider including them in your listings.

Provide a VR Experience of the Property

Using VR in real estate is nothing new, but it has recently become trendy, primarily due to the COVID crisis. VR is a great tool to show properties to prospects, and it was already common among realtors. Now, it's even more common, and many people have VR headsets for videogames or other applications. VR makes for a super immersive experience where people can enjoy property tours in private, whenever and wherever they are. It's safe, and prospects can take as much time as they want.

Not to mention, they will be able to change interior design elements to their liking in real-time. As you can imagine, realtors who offer this kind of experience have a better chance of making sales.

Final Words

These 6 creative real estate CGI ideas can significantly elevate your real estate advertising campaign. They will make your job a little easier, and you'll enjoy more sales, better deals, and delighted clients.

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Ray Lisbon is a content writer and the author of this article.