Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas That Win More Clients

It’s needless to say that we can find everything online nowadays, even dream homes. Aspiring homeowners turn to Google for their property hunt. As for a real estate agent like you, social media is the key to reaching out to these prospective buyers.

Producing creative daily social media post ideas for real estate will help you stand out among competitors. However, this is challenging, especially when inspiration won’t strike.

That said, we’ve gathered successful real estate social media post ideas you can use to promote your services and get more clients.

Top 50 Ideas for Real Estate Social Media Posts (With Examples)

Agents can always refer to these compelling and relatable content ideas for commercial real estate posts on social media whenever they’re out of creative juices:

1. New Listings


Source: DeLeon Realty (Facebook)

Interested home buyers will always be on the lookout for available properties in the market. You can grab their attention with new listings on your social media page. To make the post more effective, include valuable information about the new listing like the following:

  • Exterior and interior photos of the house
  • Number of beds and baths
  • Floor and lot areas


2. Client Closings


Source: Nick DiPasquale (Instagram)

Celebrating client closings on social media shows appreciation towards your clients and success as a real estate agent. Boost your chances for referrals and attract prospects by adding these details: 

  • Photo of your happy clients
  • A brief story about the clients’ homebuying journey
  • Shoutouts to everyone who helped seal the deal (e.g. lender)


3. Just Sold Posts


Source: Diana Pomarico, Real Estate Agent (Facebook)

Just-sold social media posts validate your real estate expertise. Potential clients will more likely hire an agent with multiple successful deals. Share these details in your post to get them interested in your accomplishments:

  • Photo of the house
  • A personalized story about the transaction
  • Selling points of the property


4. Client Appreciation Events


Source: The Porretta Group (Instagram)

Client appreciation events help maintain good relationships with clients. Sharing these on social media can also attract prospects. Include these in your post for the best results:

  • Photos focusing on the attendees (tag them if possible)
  • Thank-you message
  • Shoutouts to sponsors, organizers, and other people involved


5. Contests or Giveaways


Source: Real Estate Tim (Facebook)

Chances to win free stuff never fail to excite anybody. Thus, a contest or giveaway on your social media page will help boost engagement. Before starting one, take note of the site’s guidelines for contests. State these things clearly in your post too:

  • Rules on how to join and win the prize
  • Prize at stake
  • Dates of contest close, winner selection, and winner announcement


6. Local Community Guide


Source: John L. Scott Real Estate - Columbia Gorge (Facebook)

Prospective buyers would also love to get to know their preferred community. Show them that by sharing local news, businesses, and events on social media. Include the highlights to pique their curiosity. If you attended an event, share relevant details about your experience.


7. Neighborhood Spotlight


Source: Carol Dopkin of Engel & Völkers (Facebook)

Details about the neighborhood affect decisions in purchasing a house. Neighborhood spotlight posts allow interested buyers to learn if they’re suited to live in the featured area. Share the best things the neighborhood has to offer. These are some examples:

  • Demographics
  • Accessibility to schools
  • Proximity to the city center
  • An abundance of public parks
  • Local history


8. Funny Posts


Source: Aaron Grushow (TikTok)

Real estate is a serious business that could benefit from some humor every once in a while. Aside from getting laughs, funny posts will boost engagement on your social media page. These also show your lighthearted side. For more impact, make them related to real estate.


9. Real Estate News


Source: Wakeland Real Estate (Facebook)

Keep clients and prospects updated on relevant real estate news and information by sharing them on social media. Plus, doing so boosts your credibility as an agent. Here are some tips to gain more clicks for this kind of post:

  • Give the gist by including a snippet from the news article
  • Share some thoughts while still being sensitive not to stir controversy


10. Q&A Posts


Source: DNA Realty Group (Facebook)

Build your reputation and increase engagement through Q&A posts. Gather frequently asked questions about real estate from clients, fellow agents, and readers, then answer them on social media. Be sure to back your answers with reliable sources.


11. Polls


Source: Just Listed Montreal (Instagram)

Polls are a fun way to learn more about what your target audience wants. Posting them on social media generates answers from readers in the comments section. That way, you boost engagement and build your contact list.


12. A Day In The Life of a Real Estate Agent


Source: melsellsfl (TikTok)

Present your work routine and personality through day-in-the-life posts. These allow potential clients to see you in action as a real estate agent. Moreover, they can refer to these posts when deciding whether to work with you. Include some glimpses of your life outside work to make them more relatable.


13. Blog Posts


Source: Top Mexico Real Estate (Facebook)

Cross-promote your real estate blog posts from your website by sharing their links on social media. It helps generate more leads and increase brand awareness. Add a catchy description and a relevant image to attract readers.


14. Holiday Greetings


Source: Heather Walker Midland, TX Realtor (Instagram)

Sharing holiday greetings and messages on social media allows you to connect meaningfully with your audience. To make your holiday posts stand out, you can add these details:

  • Eye-catching graphic
  • Caption relating the holiday to real estate
  • A personal story about the holiday
  • Fun fact about the holiday


15. Most Expensive Listings


Source: Maria Kalafatich (Instagram)

Whether they’ll buy or not, your prospects probably love checking out luxury homes. So sharing the most expensive listings on your social media will catch their attention. Not only do you satisfy their wants, but also you draw them to your page. Provide the link to your website to get more leads. 


16. Motivational Quotes


Source: Thiel Real Estate & Property Management (Twitter)

Spread some good vibes by featuring motivational quotes on social media. Readers usually share them on their pages, thus boosting engagement. Here are some reminders for posting quotes:

  • Keep the text minimal against the graphic
  • Always include the name of the person who said the quote
  • Verify the source of the quote before posting


17. Client Testimonials


Source: Jaclynn Nielsen, Realtor (Facebook)

What better way to prove your real estate competence than client testimonials? Sharing them on social media can help establish your reputation and get more referrals. Just post them sporadically to avoid looking braggy. Add these details for more impact:

  • Key lines from the whole testimonial
  • A beautiful background graphic for the text
  • Caption telling the story behind the transaction 


18. Real Estate Memes


Source: Chris Molenaar (Instagram)

Memes are a hit on any social media platform, so posting one will surely get some clicks. Doing this shows you’re a human being who can have fun too. Feature real estate-themed memes on your page to reflect your brand.


19. Throwback Thursday


Source: Erin and Bob (Twitter)

People love browsing through nostalgic stuff on social media. Give them that through Throwback Thursday posts. Here are a few relevant content suggestions you can share:

  • A pivotal moment from your personal life
  • A significant achievement as a real estate agent
  • Historical photos of your neighborhood


20. Real Estate Terms


Source: Judith Abbott - Realtor (Instagram)

Clients would more likely trust you if they understand commonly used words in your profession. You can educate them on real estate jargon through social media. Post the term and explain its meaning using simple words.


21. Before and After Posts


Source: Real Estate By Cortney (Instagram)

Showcase the potential of flipped houses among your listings through before and after posts. Aside from that, these posts provide home improvement ideas that can increase property value. Before posting, make sure the photos or videos are of high resolution.


22. Home of the Week


Source: The O'Brien Group (Facebook)

Home of the Week posts put your best listings in the spotlight. Entice your viewers, especially prospective buyers, with photos and a caption emphasizing the home’s outstanding features.


23. Community Service


Source: Windermere MW (Twitter)

Do you regularly participate in activities that serve the community? Post about it on social media to raise awareness of the social causes you care about. Moreover, showing what you do to help might encourage your followers to do the same.


24. Fun Facts


Source: Jenny Sultenfuss (Instagram)

Real estate talk on social media doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Spice it up a bit for your readers with some fun facts related to the industry. You can share unique trivia about any of these:

  • Your property’s neighborhood
  • A house you’re selling
  • The city or state you work in


25. Local Business Spotlight


Source: Mhei Alcos Real Estate Agent (Facebook)

A top-notch real estate agent also promotes local businesses within the neighborhood. Shine the spotlight on one on your social media page to keep your audience in the loop. Include these details to make your post appealing:

  • Good-looking photos of the products or the business team
  • Interesting story about the business
  • Personal feedback on their products and services
  • Link to the business’s website or social media page


26. Free Resources


Source: Matt Smith Real Estate Group (Facebook)

Show love to your social media followers by offering practical real estate resources for free. It could be an app like a home value estimator tool or workshops about buying and selling a property.


27. Virtual Home Tours


Source: Erin Price Emery (TikTok)

Sometimes, prospective homebuyers don’t have the time or resources to do an actual property walkthrough. Thanks to technology, you can take them there through virtual home tours. Share the videos on social media to get more leads.


28. Housing Market Updates


Source: KNE Realty 360 (Instagram)

A professional real estate agent should know the ins and outs of the housing market. Show your mastery by sharing essential information and updates about it on social media. However, these details tend to be boring. Do these to make them more interesting:

  • Add more graphics and less text
  • Use easy-to-understand words instead of industry jargon
  • Briefly explain the significance of the post in simple terms


29. Personal Life Posts


Source: Rosie Stracuzza - Real Estate Agent (Facebook)

Aside from competence, potential clients also look for authenticity in a real estate agent. They would also love to learn about your life outside of work. Share some moments of your personal life on social media for them to see you’re human too. It could be a vacation, a family event, or your me time.


30. Behind-The-Scenes Videos


Source: Galligan Realty Group (Instagram)

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos are not only entertaining but also informative. Viewers can learn a thing or two about the preparations behind each task. Post BTS clips of these on social media to attract prospects:

  • Photoshoot for a property listing
  • Home tour
  • House renovation
  • Real estate vlog  


31. DIY Home Improvement Tips


Source: Cory Oubre, Realtor (Instagram)

If clients buy or sell a house, they may need to renovate it. However, they may opt to do the work themselves to save money. You can help them by sharing DIY home improvement tips on social media. Doing so establishes your reputation as a go-to real estate expert.


32. Buying/Selling Goals


Source: Bryan Robbins Real Estate - Exp Realty (Facebook)

Clients turn to real estate agents for expert advice on buying and selling their properties. Let them know you’re the professional who can help through social media posts about their real estate goals. Include these in your posts to make them valuable:

  • Reasons buying/selling a house now is a good time
  • Ways you can help clients during the buying/selling process
  • Call-to-action with your contact details


33. Open House


Source: Prevail Home Realty, LLC (Instagram)

Open houses provide opportunities for finding potential buyers. Promote these events on social media to attract interested attendees. Make sure to include the following details in your post:

  • House address
  • Event date and time
  • Key information about the property (e.g. number of beds and baths)
  • Photos of the house


34. Real Estate Milestones


Source: Allison Bradley, Real Estate Agent (Facebook)

Sharing your real estate milestones on social media makes you relatable. Be it an agent-of-the-year award or your 1st anniversary in the industry, your followers would love to celebrate them with you.


35. Tips For First-Time Homebuyers


Source: Vanessa Aragon (TikTok)

Buying a house can be nerve-racking, especially if it’s the first. Help first-time homebuyers feel more comfortable by providing handy tips on social media. Moreover, doing so also boosts your professional reputation.


36. Interior Design/Home Decorating Tips


Source: Cherie Mack (Instagram)

People do home makeovers for different reasons. They may need it to increase property value or give their house a fresh look. Share some interior design and home decorating tips on social media to help them meet their goals.


37. New Team Member Welcome


Source: Elevate Real Estate Partners (Facebook)

If you have a new member on your team, introduce them on your social media page. It serves both as a welcome and a promotion for your new colleague. For the post to be effective, it should focus solely on the employee rather than the company.


38. Thank You Posts


Source: Haynes Teams Real Estate (Facebook)

As a top-notch real estate agent, chances are you’ve received gifts from satisfied clients and business partners. Express your gratitude through thank you posts on social media. To make your post successful, include these details:

  • Photo or video showing you loved the gift
  • Name of the person or company who gave the gift


39. Your Own Home


Source: Anthony Gebrael - Real Estate Agent (Facebook)

Your social media followers would love to see you practice what you preach. Let them know that by posting about buying or selling your own home. They can learn from your personal experience throughout the whole process.


40. Agent Spotlight


Source: Alan Corey (Instagram)

Featuring other agents in your team on social media helps build your company’s reputation. Put them under the spotlight by including these in your post:

  • Professional headshot
  • Team role
  • Recent accomplishments or milestones


41. Client House Anniversary


Source: Brad Laustrup (Facebook)

Celebrating buying anniversaries of your previous clients’ new homes on social media has benefits. Aside from making clients feel special, it also helps market your brand among their contacts. When sharing a house anniversary post, include a photo of the clients in front of or inside the purchased home.


42. Real Estate Myths & Facts


Source: The Real Estate Refreshed Team (Instagram)

Real estate is no stranger to myths. Some people believe them, making them anxious about real estate transactions. Ease their minds by debunking them on social media. Posting the misconceptions with their corresponding facts helps educate the readers.


43. Price Reductions


Source: Tayler Weisenfeld, Realtor (Instagram)

People love discounted stuff, so price reductions on your listings will grab attention. Share them on your social media page to gather views and potentially land some buyers.


44. Landscaping and Gardening Tips


Source: Skidmore Real Estate (Facebook)

Homeowners have different reasons for beautifying their yards. Maybe they want to increase their house’s curb appeal or create a zen space within their property. Whichever it is, you can help them by sharing landscaping and gardening tips on social media.


45. Media Recognitions


Source: Janet B Cabada Medina (Instagram)

Have you been featured in any media outlet? Share the news post on social media to help boost your reputation as a real estate agent.


46. Company News/Events


Source: Levi McDonald (Facebook)

Announcing news and events in your company on your social media page helps boost engagement. Share details like the significance of the news or the benefits of attending the event to catch attention.


47. Pets


Source: Diana Tommingo (Instagram)

Pictures and videos of cute animals are a hit on social media. Why not post one to get some views on your page? Whether the pet is yours or your client’s, your audience will surely love to see them.


48. Home Staging Tips


Source: Amanda Albrecht (TikTok)

Staging a home helps sell the house faster. Let your social media followers know how you do it by sharing tips and tricks. These posts might also encourage potential sellers to do the home staging themselves.


49. Calendar of Events


Source: Salt Real Estate (Facebook)

Your social media followers probably want to know about your latest happenings. Keep them updated by posting a calendar of events you’ll host or attend.


50. Moving Day Checklists


Source: Cindy Revon Creel, Realtor (Instagram)

The processes involved in moving into a new home can be stressful. Make the task easier for new homeowners through moving day checklists. Share them on your social media so they can refer to them whenever needed.



So our list of captivating real estate social media post ideas of ends here.

What makes them effective is that they appeal to the human side. After all, buying or selling a property is a huge life decision. Prospects would want to work with a real estate agent who understands their needs at a more personal level. Consider this when creating content for your social media profiles.

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Karen Spaсey is a content writer and the author of this article.