FAQ — General

Do you provide previews for feedback?

Yes,we provide 2 rounds of free amendments. We know that making decisions is more comfortable than seeing a rendering, so we consider it part of the process. For this purpose, we prepare low-resolution images without post-production. Once everything is approved, we perform the high-resolution image and the post-production features.

Do you provide discounts?

Yes. We have a loyalty program that provides discounts of up to 20% for our loyal customers. We are always open to discussing long-term partnership opportunities.

How is a 3D rendering being created?

3D rendering is done with the help of 3D software like SketchUp, 3Ds Max, etc. The 3D artist first creates an interior design scene in a 3D dimension and then converts it into a 2D image. The process of converting is called rendering and can take minutes to hours and even days to be finished.

Why 3D rendering is important?

3D rendering is important for numerous reasons, such as detecting design issues before the construction, selling a property before it's being built, improving communication between the client and architect, and as a result speeding up the approval process. Besides that, 3D renderings serve as a great marketing tool and are widely used both in online and offline marketing.

What information do I need to provide?

To produce a 3D floor plan you'll need to first contact via email or an online chat and provide us with a project description, required quantity of images along with any files you have at that moment: CAD, PDF files, 3D models, any references, etc. We'll need also need you to provide the materialization list. 
No worry if you do not have any of the mentioned above. Our experience allows us to start at any point of the project and provide high-quality 3D visualizations in the shortest time possible!