CLIENT Embello PROJECT TYPE 3D Interior Rendering Virtual Showroom DESIGNER Brittany Jepsen

3D Interior Rendering of the Craft Room Designed by Brittany Jepsen

3D Interior Rendering of the Craft Room Designed by Brittany Jepsen

This project is part of a large virtual showhouse created together with national media partner Martha Stewart Living and Embello influencer marketing agency. The first-ever showhouse brought together 20 renowned designers, and each designer was responsible for their part of the house. Our job as a 3D visualization studio was to get each designer’s vision to life and create a virtual showhouse highlighting sponsors' products.  

Brittany Jepsen designed the craft room. Her goal was to creat an ultimate craft room with everything a maker's heart could desire.

Phase #1: Source materials provided by the designer

Our work on the project always begins with studying of the materials provided — and this time was no exception. For work, the designer did not just provide us with moodboards and product list but also gave detailed instructions about what and where each thing should be.

Phase #2: 3D Interior Rendering

Next, we began to work on a 3D interior visualization of the craft room. We used high-quality textures and models from our library to make the room look as realistic as possible. The scene was made up of highly detailed furniture pieces and decorations that matched those provided by the designer. 

Phase #3: 3D Virtual Showroom

Once we had completed the 3D interior, it was time to create a virtual showroom. We used 360-degree cameras to shoot panoramic views of the room and then stitched them together into an interactive tour. The experience enabled users to explore the craft room from any angle and see details they wanted to examine more closely.

You can check out the 3D virtual showroom here by clicking on the picture:

click to explore

Phase #4: Animation

Along with this, we also created an animation of the room. This gave viewers an enhanced, interactive experience of the craft room.

This project illustrates the power of creating 3D visualizations, virtual tours, and animations. When done right, these techniques can help transport viewers into a different world and give them an immersive experience that's both engaging and memorable. It also shows how technology can be used to bring a designer's vision to life in a way that was never possible before.

We look forward to seeing where this technology takes us next. Our team is excited and ready for their next challenge — so let's chat now!