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Enjoying Lake Time: Exterior & Aerial 3D Rendering

Enjoying Lake Time: Exterior & Aerial 3D Rendering

Exterior 3D rendering can be understood as a variety of tasks. Sometimes we talk about a cozy country house or a futuristic skyscraper, and sometimes a landscape of several holiday houses.

Our new client asked us to create this row of houses. The client said he was looking for a quote for a lakeside 3D rendering of cabins 5-9: cabins 5-8 are identical, and cabin 9 is mirrored.

Phase #1. Dive Into the Study of Materials From the Client

The most crucial stage of work on any of our projects is the study of materials from the client. The more materials the customer can provide us with and the more detailed they are, the faster and, accordingly, cheaper our work.

This time, the client immediately provided us with a diagram of the land plot and some drawings:

In addition, he gave us quite detailed instructions about the cabin materials:

  1. Shingles - Certainteed Landmark Weathered Wood
  2. Soffit & Fascia - Polar White
  3. Siding - LP Smartside Snowscape White (lap siding)
  4. Deck fascia & floorboards - Aezek American Walnut
  5. Deck Rail - Westbury Tuscany Aluminum White Railing
  6. Deck Posts - White
  7. Windows - Thermotech White


A little later, CAD files and Revit models, as well as very detailed 3D Rendering instructions, were also added to them:

Phase #2. Clay Model, the First Draft

As part of the work of the first draft, we created a clay model and sent it to the customer. We do this to ensure that we have understood everything correctly regarding framing, terrain, the location of houses, and other elements. We proceed to the next steps only after receiving feedback from the client.


Talking about the feedback - it was positive: "This looks awesome! See the attached with two minor changes needed, and then it is good to go".


Phase #3. Clay Model, Second Draft

There is nothing easier than making such changes! We quickly fixed them and sent the client a new version:


On the second try, our team hit the bull's eye: cool, we can move on!

Phase #4. Unexpected Surprise

Sometimes the client is so pleased with even the intermediate result that the number of tasks increases immediately! This is precisely what happened this time.

Here is the email we received from the client:

"I have been extremely happy with the work so far. Can you provide a quote to do an additional rendering, see attached. I have the fbx file for cabins 10-11, and you already have the fbx file for cabins 5-9. I would also provide an aerial drone photo to give you a site photo for reference from the roadside angle".

The client accompanied his words with additional materials for work:


Well, the task is getting more and more interesting! We set to work with renewed vigor.

Phase #5. Aerial 3D Rendering, Third Draft

We performed a 3D rendering from a bird's eye view in the next step. Just in case, we again made a clay model first so that it would be easier to make changes if necessary:


Small changes were really needed, and the client displayed them directly on our image:

Phase #6. Aerial 3D Rendering and Exterior 3D Rendering, Fourth Draft

Then we started working in parallel in several directions. Firstly, we have adjusted the clay model of the air 3D render. And secondly, we prepared the first version of the exterior rendering with materials. Here are the images we sent to the client:

And again, we were delighted with the feedback: "This is looking really good! Please see the attached revisions I would like to have done. Let me know if you have any questions".

The client indicated his wishes in the form of a picture. What is especially nice, he took images from our Instagram account as a reference :)

Phase #7. Exterior 3D Rendering, Fifth Draft

We made all the edits the client asked us about and offered him two options: lighter and darker.

Our client preferred a lighter one. And which one do you like better?

Phase #8. Aerial 3D Rendering, Sixth Draft

The work was nearing completion: we only had to approve the aerial rendering with the client. So, we sent the image of the houses in the materials.


And then we got the answer: "The final lakeside image of cabins 5-9 looks amazing! Great Job!

See attached amendments needed on the aerial view of cabins 5-11. One more thing in regards to the lake color. It seems to be different from the Lakeside view of cabins 5-9. It might be just the lighting but can you try and match the lake color as much as possible on the aerial view to what it was on the lakeside view".


Phase #9. Aerial 3D Rendering, Seventh Draft

We quickly made the changes we discussed and sent the client a new version. Here it is:


In a reply email, the client asked us for one more final touch: to adjust the grass a bit:


Phase #10. Aerial 3D Rendering, the Final Draft

Here is such a sunny landscape we got in the final. Do you also feel this coolness from the lake?


Our team enjoyed working on such an exciting project, and the client was so pleased with the result that he even left the most positive feedback about us:

If, after reading this article, you still have questions about 3D visualization and everything connected with it, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to give you the most complete advice!