CLIENT Embello PROJECT TYPE 3D Exterior rendering Virtual Showroom DESIGNER Fernando Wong

3D Exterior Rendering of the Landscape Designed by Fernando Wong

3D Exterior Rendering of the Landscape Designed by Fernando Wong

This project is part of a large virtual showhouse created together with national media partner Martha Stewart Living and Embello influencer marketing agency. The first-ever showhouse brought together 20 renowned designers, and each designer was responsible for their part of the house. Our job as a 3D visualization studio was to get each designer’s vision to life and create a virtual showhouse highlighting sponsors' products.  

The landscape was designed by Fernando Wong who wanted to create a welcoming aura at the home's entry.

Phase #1: Source materials provided by the designer

The process of working on this project always was exciting and we couldn't wait to see what materials the designer would provide us next!

The first step in our design system begins with studying the materials provided by designers, such as renderings markup, mood boards, or landscape plans.

Fernando's idea was to create a home's entry with a row of flowering trees leading around a small rose garden. From there, visitors are greeted by a staggering stone path that takes them to the front door. In the rear of the home, the pool area is designed to act as an outdoor room, framed with hedges and ornamented by smaller focal points.

Phase #2: 3D Exterior Rendering

With our ability to create stunning visuals for any project, we began to work on a 3D exterior visualization that would capture the beauty and complexity of this landscape.

We used 3D modeling software to custom-design and arrange all elements, from trees to stone pathways. The result was a highly detailed rendering of the exterior landscape with accurate color matching, lighting and shadows. 

Phase #3: 3D Virtual Showroom

The last step in our process was to create a panoramic virtual tour of the exterior. We used specialized software and high-resolution images to create a seamless experience that gives viewers an immersive look at the home's facade from every angle.

The finished product is a stunning virtual showroom that captures all the beauty of Living by Design Showhouse, thanks to our team’s dedication and hard work!

You can walk through the 3D virtual showroom by clicking the "click to explore" button below.

click to explore

Phase #4: Animation

To bring the project to life for the virtual showroom, we used animation to illustrate how visitors would pass through the garden entrance and make their way around the exterior. Our goal was to create an engaging experience that would leave a lasting impression of this incredible home.

We are so proud of the work our team has accomplished on this project and we hope that you enjoy exploring the 3D virtual showroom as much as we do! Thanks for your time and for taking a look at our work! If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.