CLIENT Embello PROJECT TYPE 3D Interior Rendering Virtual Showroom 3D Product Rendering DESIGNER Bobby Berk

Great Room by Bobby Berk

Great Room by Bobby Berk

For a residential home interior design project, multiple design and rendering projects were undertaken by various designers, contributing to the creation of a captivating virtual showhouse. This collaborative effort was made possible in partnership with the influential marketing agency Embello. The showhouse marked a significant milestone by bringing together a stellar lineup of 12 renowned designers, each entrusted with shaping a distinct segment of the house. Our role as a 3D visualization studio was pivotal, tasked with the exciting mission of translating each designer's unique vision into a virtual showroom that would not only showcase their creativity but also highlight the products of our sponsors. 

Bobby Berk: Crafting the Great Room

The spotlight of this endeavor shone brightly on the Great Room, a masterpiece meticulously crafted by the talented Bobby Berk. Known far and wide as an author, design expert and Emmy-nominated TV host, Bobby Berk has earned acclaim for his transformative work on Netflix's hit show, "Queer Eye." His expertise extends beyond aesthetics, as he has an uncanny ability to reshape not only living spaces but also lives themselves.

Phase #1: Curating Source Materials and Design Essence

The journey through this project was a thrilling one, as we eagerly anticipated each material and idea generously provided by the designer. The Great Room, a harmonious blend of modern design and cozy comfort, emerged as a striking masterpiece. Featuring sculptural, organically shaped furniture and accessories in contrast with linear elements like marble and wood paneling, the space was a visual symphony. The color palette, composed of natural tones such as ivory, black, camel, and terracotta, lent an earthy elegance to the central heart of the home. The design achieved a captivating balance between modernity and timelessness, leaving an indelible impression.


Phase #2: Crafting 3D Interior Renderings

Harnessing our expertise in crafting visually stunning 3D representations, we embarked on the journey of creating intricate 3D interior renderings that would do justice to the Great Room's beauty and functionality. With the aid of advanced 3D modeling software, we painstakingly designed and arranged every element, from lamps and armchairs to intricate decorative touches. The result was a highly detailed visualization of the Great Room's interior, characterized by precise color selection, impeccable lighting, and lifelike shadows.

Phase #3: Unveiling the Virtual 3D Virtual Showroom

The grand finale of our creative process involved the creation of a panoramic virtual showhouse, a window into the heart of the Great Room. Employing specialized software and high-resolution images, we masterfully constructed a seamless experience that afforded viewers a breathtaking, multidimensional perspective of the Great Room from every conceivable angle. Virtual showrooms have emerged as a significant industry trend, offering immersive and interactive experiences that captivate and engage customers in the digital age. Here is the full list of features of our Virtual Showroom:

  • Product pop-ups
  • Info pop-ups
  • Floor-plan view
  • Featured product list view
  • Info pop-ups
  • Custom Branding

The end product stands as a testament to the dedication and tireless efforts of our team, a stunning virtual showroom that not only reflects Bobby Berk's artistic genius but also showcases the exceptional work that can be achieved through collaboration and creative ingenuity.


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Phase #4: Animation

The final stage encompassed the creation of an animated presentation within the virtual showroom. This allowed the designer to envision the dynamic character of the space and obtain a more thorough grasp of the complete house layout. 

Additionally, the animation served as a valuable promotional tool for introducing the virtual showroom to prospective clients.

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