CLIENT Embello PROJECT TYPE 3D Interior Rendering Virtual Showroom 3D Product Rendering DESIGNER Don Ricardo Massenburg

The Office Designed by Don Ricardo Massenburg

The Office Designed by Don Ricardo Massenburg

This project was an integral part of an expansive virtual showhouse, developed in partnership with the influencer marketing agency Embello. This groundbreaking showhouse assembled 12 celebrated designers, each taking charge of designing a specific section of the house.

Our role as a 3D visualization studio was crucial in realizing each designer's unique vision and creating a virtual showroom to prominently feature the products of our sponsors. Virtual showrooms have emerged as a significant industry trend, offering immersive and interactive experiences that captivate and engage customers in the digital age. Here is the full list of features of our Virtual Showroom:

  • Product pop-ups
  • Info pop-ups
  • Floor-plan view
  • Featured product list view
  • Info pop-ups
  • Custom Branding

Don Ricardo Massenburg: The Office Design

One standout space was the office, designed by the esteemed Don Ricardo Massenburg. Operating under the philosophy that 'home should be the final destination,' Don Ricardo, the driving force behind the famed DESiGN iNKREDiBLE based in Durham, North Carolina, strives to improve the living space and quality of life of its owners. His work, deeply rooted in a love for interiors, art, and creativity, aimed to blend aesthetics with functionality.

Phase #1: Material Collection and Design Concept

The journey of this project was always filled with anticipation, as we eagerly awaited the materials each designer would provide. Starting with reviewing renderings, mood boards, and landscape plans, the office design emerged as a fusion of style and practicality. The design prominently features a central wall that instantly captivates with its custom shelving system, integrating a work desk and ample storage. This space seamlessly transitions into a sophisticated sofa and seating area, culminating in an elegant entertaining space. The office is a symphony of luxurious textiles and varied designs, creating an ambiance that is both welcoming and impressive.

Phase #2: 3D Interior Rendering

Leveraging our expertise in crafting visually captivating 3D visuals, we embarked on creating interior renderings that would reflect the elegance and functionality of the office space. Utilizing advanced 3D modeling software, we meticulously designed and arranged all elements, from the furniture to the finer details. The result was a highly detailed visualization of the office interior, showcasing a meticulous selection of colors, lighting, and shadows.

Phase #3: 3D Virtual Showroom

The culmination of our process was the creation of a virtual showroom - a virtual tour enhanced with product tags and descriptions, info pop-ups and advanced navigation features. Using specialized software and high-resolution images, we crafted an experience that offers viewers a stunning, all-encompassing view of the office space from various angles and perspectives.

The final product is a remarkable virtual showroom, a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team, effectively bringing Don Ricardo Massenburg's visionary design to life. To see the amazing results of our work, click the button below.


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Phase #4: Animation

The last phase involved generating an animated presentation of the virtual showroom. This enabled the designer to visualize the dynamic appearance of the space and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the overall house layout. 

Additionally, animation proved to be a valuable marketing asset for promoting the virtual showroom on social media.

Utilizing 3D interior rendering is an excellent method to breathe life into any environment, be it a residential project or a commercial setting. The procedure remains consistent regardless of the project type. Let's discuss your project if you have one in mind!