CLIENT Embello PROJECT TYPE 3D Exterior rendering Virtual Showroom 3D Product Rendering DESIGNER Will Taylor SPONSORING BRANDS

3D Exterior Rendering of the Back Facade Designed by Will Taylor

3D Exterior Rendering of the Back Facade Designed by Will Taylor

This project served as a cornerstone for a vast virtual showhouse, crafted in partnership with Embello influencer marketing agency. This pioneering showhouse united 12 distinguished designers, each entrusted with shaping a unique segment of the house.

Our role as a 3D visualization studio was pivotal in translating the distinct visions of each designer into reality, constructing a virtual showroom that effectively showcased participating sponsors' products. Virtual showrooms are increasingly essential in the industry, offering immersive and interactive experiences that captivate customers in today's digital landscape.

Today, we'll delve into the exterior design by Will Taylor. Will Taylor is a celebrated content creator, television personality, product designer, and bestselling author, renowned for his vibrant 'make-you-smile style' in home, fashion, and travel since 2009.

Phase #1: Material Collection and Design Concept

Working on this project was always exciting: each set of materials from the designer created anticipation. Our 3D rendering process begins with a thorough analysis of the materials provided, including renderings markup, mood boards, or landscape plans.

The inspiration for the pool surround design draws from worldly travels, capturing the grandeur of Italian gardens in Ravello, the rustic beauty of the Spanish Balearic Islands, and the charm of Montecito and Santa Barbara. The aim was to evoke a carefree and relaxed vacation vibe, reminiscent of lounging in a beautiful garden.


Phase #2: 3D Exterior Rendering

Equipped with our proficiency in crafting stunning visuals, we set out to create a 3D exterior visualization that captures the sophistication and complexity of this landscape.

Utilizing advanced 3D modeling techniques, we carefully designed and arranged every component, from lush trees to intricate stone pathways. The result was a meticulously detailed and precise rendering of the exterior landscape, featuring accurate color coordination, lighting, and shadowing effects.


Phase #3: 3D Virtual Showroom

The conclusion of our process entailed developing an expansive virtual showroom of the exterior. Employing state-of-the-art software and high-resolution imagery, we crafted a seamless experience offering viewers a comprehensive and immersive perspective of the home's facade from various angles. This allows for observing the attributes of specific products, accessing the store’s website, viewing the complete list of utilized products in the room, and simply reveling in the aesthetic pleasure provided by this tour.

The completed project is a striking virtual showroom that effectively conveys the unique character and ethos of the Living by Design Showhouse. It stands as a testament to our team's relentless dedication and remarkable expertise in crafting exterior home designs. This virtual space serves multiple functions: it not only showcases the innovative design and architectural prowess of our team but also provides an immersive experience for viewers, allowing them to explore the nuances and intricate details of our work from anywhere in the world. The showroom acts as a bridge, connecting potential clients and design enthusiasts with our creative vision, highlighting our ability to transform concepts into tangible realities.

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Phase #4: Animation

To enrich the virtual showroom, we integrated animation to depict how visitors would move through the garden entrance and explore the exterior. Our objective was to craft a dynamic and unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on this splendid home.

Utilizing 3D exterior rendering is a superb method for animating any space, be it for a residential or commercial project. If you have a project in mind, let's explore how we can bring it to life! If you have a project in mind, let's discuss how we can make it a reality!